Vol 2, No 1 (2022)

Cities in Evolution. Prix de Istanbul

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Cities in Evolution. Prix de Istanbul

Alessandro Camiz, Giorgio Verdiani, Martin Ebert (eds.)

FORMA CIVITATIS, International Journal of Urban and Territorial Morphological Studies, Vol.2, N.1, 2021, Grünberg Verlag, Weimar and Rostock, GREEN OPEN ACCESS: J123-2020-FC; ISSN 2748-2812 (Print); ISSN 2748-3134 (Online); ISBN: 9783933713681


Selected papers from the VIII AACCP symposium CITIES IN EVOLUTION. DIACHRONIC TRANSFORMATIONS OF URBAN AND RURAL SETTLEMENTS (Istanbul, April 26th-May 2nd, 2021).

International journal of urban and territorial morphological studies; Grünberg Verlag, Weimar-Rostock, http://www.grunbergverlag.de/; Print ISSN: 2748–2812; Online ISSN: 2748-3134

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