Vol 2, No 1 (2022)

Cities in Evolution. Prix de Istanbul

Cities in Evolution. Prix de Istanbul

Alessandro Camiz, Giorgio Verdiani, Martin Ebert (eds.)

FORMA CIVITATIS, International Journal of Urban and Territorial Morphological Studies, Vol.2, N.1, 2021, Grünberg Verlag, Weimar and Rostock, GREEN OPEN ACCESS: J123-2020-FC; ISSN 2748-2812 (Print); ISSN 2748-3134 (Online); ISBN: 9783933713681


Selected papers from the VIII AACCP symposium CITIES IN EVOLUTION. DIACHRONIC TRANSFORMATIONS OF URBAN AND RURAL SETTLEMENTS (Istanbul, April 26th-May 2nd, 2021).

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Front Matter

Cover and table of contents PDF
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Prix de Istanbul. Diachronic morphology of the ever changing urban form PDF
Alessandro Camiz


Requalification of the historical fabric of Alberobello PDF
Emma Sabatelli, Antonella Roma, Maria Pia Tridente, Matteo Ieva
Alvar Aalto and the Florence in the North. Visions, Realizations and Utopia in the Early 1920s Finland PDF
Luca Placci
The Actual and Its Double: Experiential Learning and the Historical Urban Fabric Pedagogically Considered PDF
Frederick C Biehle
Architecture and landscape of the North Caucasus. Historical and procedural study of settlement systems and reconstruction of anthropization of territory PDF
Anna Linnik
Adstratum and substratum: the typological process of the patio-house in Caesaraugusta (Zaragoza) PDF
Özge Özkuvanci, Alessandro Camiz
The Castle of Cerretaccio. Studies for the material history and conservation. PDF
Ambra Maramai
From Roman to Umayyad: the formation process of the great mosque of Damascus and the surrounding urban tissues PDF
Louai Al Hussein, Alessandro Camiz
The formation process of the Regio quartadecima Constantinopolitana, Istanbul. Relocating Constantines walls PDF
Alessandro Camiz
Painted landscapes from another age: what the Vasaris frescoes in Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, tell about urban fortifications PDF
Giorgio Verdiani, Giulia Emilio

Book Reviews

Cities in Transition. Sustainability, Formal and Informal Settlements, Memory of Places PDF
Fabio Balducci
Reclaiming a history, Jewish Architects in Imperial Russia and the USSR, Vol. 1, Late Imperial Russia: 1891-1917 PDF
Malgorzata Hanzl
Rural Utopia and Water Urbanism. The Modern Village in Francos Spain PDF
Martin Ebert
A Morphological Approach To Cities And Regions PDF
Imane Saidi
Morphological Research of the Historical Urban Boundary. The Inner Fringe of Nanjing PDF ()
Nahal Khorrami


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International journal of urban and territorial morphological studies; Grünberg Verlag, Weimar-Rostock, http://www.grunbergverlag.de/; Print ISSN: 2748–2812; Online ISSN: 2748-3134

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