The Cerro de Pasco effect

Eleonora Cecconi


Cerro de Pasco is a small town of Peru in the Central Andes. The reason for its foundation is found in the presence of a silver deposit. The evolution of the form of the city depends on the progress of the mine. The analysis of the relationship between the locus, the urban form and this large, and singular anthropic event gives a picture of a city whose shape has no other purpose than to support the mine to the detriment of those who live there. Boris Lefevre, in 2016, faces this relationship with a project that seeks a non-oppositional with the mine, and at the same time returns one of the most precious assets to its inhabitants: water. A building, located on the surface of the Patarcocha lagoon, capable of purifying water and producing energy. The project seems to be a new urban event that can guide the subsequent development of this singular urban artifact in which ancient metaphor, symbolism and older measures of the mine coexist.


Cerro de Pasco; Boris Lefevre; Architecture; mine; water


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